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Ontario Winner

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Adrian Niman

Chef/Founder, The Food Dudes

It is not just his experience that sets Adrian Niman apart from most young entrepreneurs. Niman is notorious for his creative nature and dazzling palette. His ability to balance the simplest elements of food allows him to create exceptional blends of flavours and textures. Niman’s culinary practice began with an apprenticeship position at North 44 under the watchful eye of Mark McEwen. Developing quickly, he began to cater private functions for family and friends.

Quebec Winner

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Riccardo Bertolino

Chef, Maison Boulud

BC/Alberta Winner

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Juno Kim

Head Chef/Owner, Juno Kim Catering

Focusing on creating memorable dining experiences that utilize seasonal, local ingredients, Juno Kim’s multifaceted approach marries bold, yet balanced flavour profiles. With a varied work experience rooted in social entrepreneurship, his multi-disciplinary approach has helped to create a view of food that incorporates many different perspectives. Juno Kim Catering specializes in pop-ups and bespoke private dinning events where food isn’t an afterthought; it’s the focal point.

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Ivy Knight

Editor in Chief Swallow
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Dan Geltner